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Welcome to Live Games! Here, you can see many categories of games are provided. With such various games offered, we know that you might have difficulties on selecting the games. Before you choose which game to play, let us introduce the features of the Live Games. Poker Game, Baccarat Game, Blackjack, Table Game and more are the type of games integrated. All these games are real-time games, which means you will meet many real-time players while your betting.

All of these games have their respective host and games rules. The host are friendly and nice, whereas, the game rules are comprehensible. If you're new at playing live games, follow the steps the host ask you to do, we will give you a guaranteed winning! Furthermore, there is a chat box on your top right of the screen, you may chat around with the real-time players there.

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The Easiest Game to play for Easy-Winning

One Blackjack is a type of Blackjack games where most of our players play regularly. Blackjack game has a comprehensive game rules yet half-luck based gaming game. At here, One Blackjack, you does not have to rely all in your lucks, you can rely on your gaming experience, see whether to draw a card, or stop or to multiply your bet. All these actions are based on your personal judgement from gambling experience. Hope you got more Blackjack! Yayyy!